Smart Top’ transforms your iPad into a sleek, stylish and sensual laptop. Combine with Apple’s famed Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and make it the best typing environment, it promises refined comfort and ergonomics.
Compatible Products :
iPad, iPad 2, New iPad
(Smart Top is optimized for iPad 2 & New iPad)

iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard are in the unity of design as well as in the perfect functional harmony. More flattering, while maintaining the completeness of the design of both products, ‘Smart Top’ makes you smarter anytime anywhere. And Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard provides the best typing experience and it is efficient and convenient for document creation. (iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard are sold separately.)
Stylish Structure and Function
When unfolding the ‘Smart Top’, iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard harmonize themselves so naturally each other and both form up like a laptop. It looks simple. But it is a result of an effort to find out the best matching structure and mounting angle of iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard, considering the shape and dimension of them. By applying the solid material of the board especially on the inside, it protects from breaking or crimpled. And the magnetic material supports the stable mount of iPad.
Peerless Touch Feel and Finish
Smart Top’ consists of a combination of 5 warm and high quality feeling of denim and soft to touch lining. The luxurious book cover feeling surface, not like common PU products, provides stylish and warm feeling experience, and is designed to blend well with soft feeling lining. By using high-frequency method, it is thinner, more detailed, but has no separate stitch.
Smart Clip Provided

The unique wave form ‘Smart Clip’ is an accessory that holds up the ‘Smart Top’ to be folded firmly. While maintaining the feel of the material, ‘Smart Clip’ is a design product that matches well with various colors of ‘Smart Top’ and it adds up luxurious finish touch.
Adhesion Film

These are adhesive tapes to attach iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard to ‘Smart Top’. They are semi-permanent, and repeatedly detachable and attachable. It is usable even together with a protective case for iPad 2 or new iPad. When the adhesiveness degraded due to dust or other contaminations, gently wipe it with wet towel, then the adhesiveness recovers.

Mint, Orange, Gray, Brown and Indigo 5 colors
The colors of the products may vary depending on the monitor resolution.
Attaching the Smart Top for the first time.

1. Unfold the Smart Top
2. Remove the protective film from the top first and then the bottom adhesion film
3. Locate the area to affix the Apple Wireless Keyboard at the bottom end of Smart Top and line them up as
   pictured Figure. Start to attaching it onto the bottom side of Keyboard (see picture) and attach it to top
   adhesive film
4. Fold the Smart Top so that the Apple Wireless Keyboard had been attached.
   Locate the iPad on the centerline of folded upper part of the Smart Top. When completed, attach back of the iPad
   onto the bottom adhesive film
Pairing with Apple Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth)

1. Keyboard Power ON
2. Home screen on iPad > Settings > General > Bluetooth > Active Apple wireless keyboard in the equipment
    menu ‘Select’
3. Enter PIN Code
Using Smart Top

1. Unfold the upper cover with iPad attached
2. Unfold the bottom cover that Apple Wireless Keyboard is attached
3. Move the iPad to the upper end of Apple Wireless Keyboard as shown on the picture
   (Note) To secure the mount of iPad on the Smart Top, the magnetic inside the case should affixed to
   each other snuggly.

Smart Top’ is made of synthetic leather (PU: Wet Type Polyurethane) and although durable subject to scratches on the surface of the product. Be sure to turn off the Apple Wireless Keyboard when not in use, folding, and carrying the case. Failure to do so may cause unintended operation and potential malfunctions. Gently wipe up the adhesive film when the adhesion of it feels degraded or polluted to improve the adhesiveness of the film. Attaching iPad on the ‘Smart Top’ with other protective case on it may result in unwanted gap when folded. iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard are sold separately and are not included in this package.

The Smart Top’s 1 year Full-Repair or Replacement Warranty from the date of purchase is to insure the product if free of any defects. Tangram reserves the right to inspect the device upon receipt and determine the correct course of action. Any and all unintended use will void Warranty.
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