Smart Dot Pro
Bookmark Type Laser Pointer
Plug into the audio jack of the iPhone and use as a laser pointer, the exciting and innovative 'Smart Dot' has been reinvented as the Bookmark Type 'Smart Dot Pro'. Combined with a very robust design and convenient portability, along with now a crisper and brighter laser beam, it offers you even greater satisfaction.
In addition, the newly added features and improved performances of 'Smart Dot Pro' Application delivers an unprecedented, new surprising environment of presentation.
‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application

Free for download iPhone application to activate the laser pointer and more, a Must-Have essential program.
‘Smart Sync’ Program

Free for download software for computer and it synchronizes with ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application to activate the ‘Presentation Mode’ and more.
By synchronizing with computer through the ‘Presentation Mode’ of ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application, user can control pages at Microsoft ‘PowerPoint’ or Apple ‘Keynote’ presentation environment. By using the Track Pad Mode, mouse can be controlled at iPhone, and more various controls are available at Key Pad Mode.

Sync of ‘Presentation Mode’ by in Wi-Fi environment

1. Press ‘Presentation Mode’ from ‘Basic Mode’ of ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application
2. Run ‘Smart Sync’ Program on the computer to synchronize
3. Enter the IP Address, shown on ‘Smart Sync’ Program, into ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application’s IP windows on the iPhone. Or by pressing ‘HISTORY’ button, previously synchronized IP address can be retrieved. By pressing ‘AUTO FIND’ button, it synchronizes automatically with the computer in which ‘Smart Sync’ Program is running
4. Press ‘CONNECTION’ to synchronize the computer and the iPhone

Sync of ‘Presentation Mode’ by using Personal Hotspot

1. Press ‘Settings’ icon on the iPhone
2. Select ‘Personal Hotspot’ and turn it ON.
3. Search Wi-Fi on the computer and select the iPhone to connect
4. Press ‘AUTO FIND’ button at ‘Enter Host IP Address’ page of ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application
Additional functions
Manner Mode

Screen turns off when it is switched to 'Manner Mode'.
Still laser pointer can be controlled by touching the proximity sensor located on front of the iPhone. To release the 'Manner Mode', simply double tap the screen.
* The location of the proximity sensor may vary depending on model
Sensitivity Setting of 'Track Pad Mode'

The sensitivity and variable acceleration speed can be set at 'Track Pad Mode'.
Alarm Setting

Setting the alarm alerts to time the duration of the presentation occurred when the timer is activated. When timer is reset, the alarm will be reset simultaneously.
Q. Laser Pointer does not work.
A. Please check the followings.
Check whether Max Volume Limit is Off

Home Screen > Settings > Music > Volume Limit > ‘OFF’ or set the volume to ‘Max’
Check Mono Audio is Off

Home Screen > Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio > Set to ‘OFF'
Q. Error while activating ‘Smart Sync’ Program.
A. Please check the followings.
Error Message: Application Error (0xC000135)

This is an error message when .NET Framework 3.5 version is not installed. Please install .NET Framework 3.5 version.
Error Message: ‘Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application’

This is an error message when .NET Framework is installed, but not compatible each other. .NET Framework 3.5 version must be installed even though .NET Framework 4.0 version has been installed.
Q. Network does not connect.
A. Please check the followings.
When connect with LAN or Wi-Fi

The computer that ‘Smart Sync’ Program is running and the iPhone should use same router (or Gateway). When the computer and the iPhone are connected into different Wi-Fi, it may not be connected due to different IP address or firewall.
When connect with personal Hotspot (Tethering)

Check whether the Personal Hotspot has been activated in the setting of the iPhone. If activated, check whether the iPhone has been selected on the Wi-Fi list of the computer. When the password for the Personal Hotspot has been set, enter the password. Without the password, it would not be connected.
Smart Dot Pro
'Smart Dot Pro’ Application is an essential iPhone application. ‘Basic Mode’ activates the laser pointer On and Off, and ‘Presentation Mode’ activates the laser pointer as well as the easy and convenient presentation environment.
Apple iOS
(Support above iOS 6)

iPhone 3gs
iPhone 4/4s
iPhone 5/5s
iPod Touch
Installation and Getting Started

1.Go to Apple ‘App Store’ from the iPhone home screen
2. Search for ‘Smart Dot Pro’
3. Press ‘Install’ to download
4. When downloaded, launch and use the ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application


Korean, English
Smart Sync
‘Smart Sync’ Program is a program that works on the computer. This must be installed and activated on the computer for the presentation to synchronize with ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application on the iPhone to switch into ‘Presentation Mode’.
System Requirements
for Apple Mac

Above Mac OS 10.6
System Requirements
for Widows PC

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8 (To be supported)

Caution for Windows PC

Press ‘OK’ for Security Certification and Network Accessibility windows pop-up.

.NET Framework is an application execution environment developed by Microsoft. .NET Framework 3.5 is basically installed at Windows 7. When .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed at Windows XP or Vista, please follow the below instruction to install.

NET Framework 4.0 is NOT compatible with .NET Framework 3.5. .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed.

When .NET Framework would not being installed at Window XP environment, please install below program first and install .NET Framework 3.5.

Product Specifications
Laser Pointer
Material : Aluminum, PC, Stainless
Size : 8.9 X 13 X 57 mm
Weight : 7g
Laser Diode Specifications
Wavelength : 650nm
Operating Voltage : DC2.1V~2.5V
Operating Current : Under 30mA
Operating Power : Under 1.0mW
Laser Color : Red
Operating Temperature :
-10 ~ +40°C
Storage Temperature :
-40 ~ +85°C
Spot Diameter at 5 Meter :
Under ¢8mm

Safety Reservation No.
No. B466H007-2001
The product should be used for the purpose of the laser pointer. Never shine the laser beam into the eyes of person or animal. Do not point the laser pointer at any vehicle, aircraft, vessel or other moving object. Children should NEVER be allowed to play with laser beam products. Do not point the laser pointer at mirrors, or other reflective surfaces. The product may get damaged due to exposure to extreme temperature, abrupt impact.

Run the 'Smart Dot Pro’ Application while earphone or speaker is connected into the iPhone, it causes unpleasant noises. Please take care with caution.
The Smart Dot Pro’s 1 year Full-Repair or Replacement Warranty from the date of purchase is to insure the product if free of any defects. Tangram reserves the right to inspect the device upon receipt and determine the correct course of action. Any and all unintended use will void Warranty.
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