Meets Hyundai Card
Hyundai Card of Korea and Tangram Design Lab. have collaborated to co-design and develop a Smart Case for iPhone 5/5s. This special project between the one of the Korea's leading credit card companies (famous for their designs) and Tangram has been forged with Hyundai Card's desire to allow more fluid access for transactions for the customers, while providing better exposure of Hyundai cards to the general public. Hyundai Card wanted the credit cards be fully visible, stand-out, and look beautiful inside the Tangram Smart Case. The Smart Case 3 was developed to incorporate all of these different imaginations.
New design optimized
for iPhone 5s
Perfectly harmonized with innovative design of the iPhone 5/5s, the Smart Case 3 has been designed to protect the iPhone from external shock while the improved design of the card compartment houses a maximum of two credit cards; all this without adding excess bulk and maintaining convenient to use. On top of this, a metal latch mounted on the back can be fitted with the included finger strap that is designed to be compatible with the Apple iPod Touch loop.
Improved Usability
Smart Case 3 has been designed to hold up to 2 credit cards. When using the included EMW (Electromagnetic Wave) Absorbing Card, it can hold one traffic card together with EMW Absorbing Card. The recognition of the traffic card or ID card is much improved. For those who carry only one credit card, Smart Case 3 has been designed to hold a credit card fixed stable without gaps as a result of detailed designing of the inside structure. The carefully designed groove on the upper area of the case enables smooth insertion and extraction of the card.
EMW(Electromagnetic Wave)
Absorbing Card
The EMW(Electromagnetic Wave) Absorbing Card design of Hyundai Cards (M3/Zero/M) is included and the recognition of the traffic card is been improved
The EMW Absorbing Card absorbs the electromagnetic waves from the Smaprtphone and improves the traffic card recognition.
Finger Strap
The included Finger Strap is an accessory made of soft material that matches well with the color of Smart Case 3. It is helpful to use and to hold the now slimmer iPhone 5/5s more safely while shooting photos and carrying in one’s hand. The finger strap can be simply affixed to the metal latch mounted on the back of Smart Case 3, and designed to be compatible with the Apple iPod Touch loop.
Improved Grip Feel and
The Sand Blast technique applied to the surface of this product further enhances the grip feel and luxury touch while in the hand.
Flash Ring
The flash ring applied on Smart Case 3 makes the flash nearly non-reflective, enabling far better
use of the camera function on the iPhone 5/5s, and making it even more useful and enjoyable.
Smart Case 3, is available in a total of nine new colors,
including newly introduced translucent milky color.
*The color of the product may look vary depending of the monitor.
Since some time, most people who were walking or talking have always carried a mobile phone and a credit card. The two things are not just a means for making a call or payment but items for expressing those who use them.

Hyundai Card Design Lab approached the design for the Smart Case package from a different point of view. We thought about the way to express best the usability of putting a credit card, which is a key point of the Smart Case and decided to make a horizontal design for the package. The colors of the Smart Case consist of seven colors -- black, white, milky (translucent), light blue, light green, light pink, red, purple and dark gray --, providing a wide choice for customers.

In particular, as the Christmas season is near at hand, the red case can give different atmosphere as ‘It’ item for Christmas with Hyundai Card Gift Card Christmas Special Edition (500 limited).

TANGRAM X Hyundai Card Smart Case 3 is available through subscription sales in M Point Mall (M Point 100%) and a shopping mall of TANGRAM. Also, it will be gradually sold in a relevant online/offline store.
Smart Case
Material : Polycarbonate, Aluminum
Size : 126.5 x 62.5 x 11.6(mm)
Weight : 12g
EMW Absorbing Card
Material : ABS
Size : 54 x 85.5 x 0.8(mm)
Weight : 6.5g
Finger Strap
Material : Chamude
Size : 100 x 9 x 0.75(mm)
Weight : 1g
The Smart Dot Pro’s 1 year Full-Repair or Replacement Warranty from the date of purchase is to insure the product if free of any defects. Tangram reserves the right to inspect the device upon receipt and determine the correct course of action. Any and all unintended use will void Warranty.
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